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For various distressing reasons, many children and youth live away from their natural birth parents.  Unfortunately, many of them end up homeless, incarcerated, or worse because they have no support system.  Angel Reach not only has initiatives to help meet the needs of those youths, ages 16-24, who are homeless or at risk, but also has a dedicated Kinship Care program.  This program assists youths in being placed with a family member, and since governmental agencies offer no support for these caregivers, and the Kinship Care program also offers assistance for these relatives including day-to-day living needs including emergency food, clothing, furniture and repairs.

Additionally, Angel Reach offers a transitional living program which provides temporary housing for those who have aged out of foster care, allowing them to transition into society.  From GED tutoring to job opportunities, life skills and even a life plan, Angel Reach affords these youths an opportunity to become productive adults, enhancing their lives and our community. 

The Signorelli Company fully supports and wants to catapult the goals of Angel Reach: offer education advising, employment assistance, counseling, mentoring, tutoring, resources and support groups to children and young adults who have had many unfortunate obstacles placed upon them.  It is our firm’s collective belief that the only person qualified to put a ceiling on yourself is YOU, and by way of Angel Reach, we are hoping area children and youth can achieve that same belief. 

For this reason, The Signorelli Company has committed to developing and building out the new Angel Reach Village, a community of duplexes in the heart of Conroe.  This would be a wonderful opportunity for area businesses and individuals to show your support as well by way of in-kind donations or financial contributions.   

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This map of Angel Reach Village represents an artist's conception of proposed development as of May 2020. No representation is made that the features depicted will be built, or, if built, will be as depicted. All plans for land uses, improvements and facilities are subject to change without notice and nothing presented on this map shall obligate the owner or any other entity to restrict land uses or to construct or develop improvements or facilities as shown on this map. All drawings are preliminary and subject to change, and are for presentation purposes only. Further, said drawings are scanned images only and are not for computation or construction purposes. These drawings may or may not incorporate information and/or data provided to consultants relative to engineering and drainage, flood plains and environmental issues and should not be relied upon for any purpose. No representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the actual design, location and character of the facilities shown on any maps are intended. Additionally, no warranty is made as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. Plans, maps, materials and specifications are subject to change or modification as deemed necessary by the developer, builder, or as may be required by law. These illustrations are provided as an example only and do not depict actual or promised items of any kind. Any references to commercial/multipurpose land use may include but is not limited to office, retail, single family, multifamily, senior housing, house of worship, specialty, gas station, daycare facility, etc. Map not to scale.

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